Sport Injury Physician

Sport Injury Physician

Dr. Mario Garcia treat musculoskeletal injuries that occur as a result of participation in sports, such as knee, shoulder and ankle injuries. Dr. Mario Garcia

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Spinal cord under pressure of bulging disc

Herniated Disc

A normal spinal disc has a tough cartilage exterior wall that encases a much softer internal material. A disc herniation, also known as slipped or

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film x-ray of T-L spine

Failed Back Syndrome

Failed back syndrome, or post-laminectomy syndrome, is a condition characterized by chronic pain following back surgeries. Because back surgery can only change anatomy, specifically decompress

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Beautiful pregnant female having a back pain while sitting on a bed in her apartment

Pregnancy Pain

Pregnant women have unique health care needs that can be effectively and safely treated with chiropractic care. In fact, the American Pregnancy Association recommends chiropractic

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Young woman is suffering from a headache against a dark background


Nearly everyone has occasional headaches, but some people suffer with them chronically. Recurring headaches and migraines can severely limit quality of life. Most people who

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Young man with lower and upper back pain


Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes widespread pain, as well as additional pain at various ‘tender points’ on the body. This pain is usually associated

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Foot Pain woman sitting holding her feet

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a condition defined by inflammation of the plantar fascia – a thick tissue that connects between the heel bone, across the bottom

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Dental care and toothache

TMJ Jaw Pain

The temporomandibular joint is the area where the jaw meets the skull. As the jaw grows through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood, complications can occur

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Tired business lady in car feeling strong neck pain


Whiplash is one of the most common injuries sustained in auto accidents, but can also be the result of a sports accident, physical abuse, or

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Woman with hip joint pain. Sport exercising injury

Hip Pain

There are many reasons why someone can experience hip pain. Often times, the exact location of your hip pain can help provide insight on the

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tennis woman player with injury holding the racket on a tennis court

Tennis Elbow

Lateral epicondylitis, more commonly referred to as tennis elbow, is the inflammation of the tendons around the elbow joint. The pain and tenderness in the

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Digital composite of highlighted shoulder pain of man against white background

Shoulder Pain

There are many reasons why someone can experience shoulder pain. Shoulder pain can originate in the socket joint itself, or it can originate from the

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sport, football training, sports injury and people

Sports Injuries

Athletes are constantly pushing themselves to the limits, putting pressure and strain on their bodies to perform. As a result, sometimes they can develop sports-related

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Scoliosis film x-ray show spinal bend in teenager patient


Scoliosis is an abnormal, sideways curving of the spinal cord. Although some curvature of the spine is normal, individuals with scoliosis have curved spines that

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Spinal Stenosis as a degenerative illness in the human vertebrae causing compressed spine nerves

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis occurs when your spinal column narrows and pressure is exerted where the spinal nerves leave the spinal column. It most commonly occurs in

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Sciatica pain symptoms and diagnosis medical concept as a disease causing physical problems with 3D illustration elements


Cervical radiculopathy is a condition in which nerve roots in the cervical spine (neck) are compressed by surrounding vertebrae. Lumbar radiculopathy is an equivalent condition

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degenerative disc disease

Degenerative Disc

Degenerative disc disease is a painful condition that causes recurring discomfort and interference in nerve function. It occurs when the soft, spring-like discs of the

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Runner with injured knee on the track

Knee pain

Knee pain is a highly common complaint among Americans – especially those who are active in sports or are victims of repetitive use injuries. There

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Elderly female is expressing pain


Osteoarthritis is a disease characterized by joint damage caused by ‘wear and tear’ occurring within joint cartilage over time. This degenerative joint disorder causes joint

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Neck pain

Your neck – also referred to as the cervical spine – is a delicate accumulation of vertebrae, nerves, and muscles that work to support your

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Mid age woman with backache

Lower back pain

Chiropractors treat the entire neuromusculoskeletal system, but they are especially helpful in treating back pain. Lower back pain, also known as lumbago, is a common,

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