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Dr. Mario Garcia DC

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Dr. Garcia graduated from Texas Chiropractor College in Pasadena Texas in 1988. He did his undergraduate work in Miami Florida at Florida International University. He is a Board Certificate of National Board of National exams in Chiropractic, Radiology, and Physiotherapy. He perused certification in Applied Kinesiology and Sports Injury. He has over 30 years’ experience treating auto accidents and work injuries. He is a certified compulsive compatible evaluator. He has over the 500 hours experience in personal injuries depositions and highly south after as expert witness as a witness case. He has over 30 years’ experience treating patients of age groups from children to adolescents, adults to elderlies. He has a very gently approach to chiropractor care and specializes in several techniques include crane Sacrotherapy, applied kinesiology, motion palpation, flexion distraction, sport injuries and soft tissue technique. He continues classes in continue education in Family Wellness care and exercise.

Dr. Garcia is a president and founder of Buffalo Grove Chiropractic and wellness, in Buffalo Grove Illinois.The office offers the following chiropractic services: digital radiography, physical therapy, massage therapy, spinal decompression, personal training, weight-loss and nutritional counseling.

Dr. Garcia was born in Cuba and grew up in Miami Florida, where he learned to love body building and sports. He is married to his wife Ana, and they have a daughter Rachel. Dr Garcia has expended a lot time working with athletics of all ages while he works with parents, therapy trainers, providers and coaches. In an effort to lower injury rates and increase performance of these athletics. Dr. Garcia is a member of Illinois Chiropractic Society and the Buffalo Grove Lincolnshire Chamber Commerce where he is an active member, networking, grand openings, fundraiser and charities. He is a co host of his own Radio show: The Chiropractic Hour, that is a live show. Where he discusses chiropractic care, injuries, and wellness life style. He is also active in the catholic church community where he contributes and participates in the church events and fundraisers.

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